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Energy saving advise and helps to save money on utility bills:


  • Are your gas and electric bills are too high?


  • Are your gas appliances and electric appliances  are too expensive to use?


  • Is it something wrong with your meter?



We all know we should consider switching supplier and turn the thermostat down   a notch. But, now that energy companies including British Gas, npower, SSE   and Scottish Power have announced price rises.But there are  ways to save money on gas   and electricity. 


Gas Safe Service Ltd  philosophy is to show  how best to save energy and how to make sure that the energy used has the minimum impact both financially and environmentally.


As part of this service we perform few test on appliances then we advise further. At the same time we advise you how to make use of your heating control system in an effective,efficient and economical way?


Gas Safe Service Ltd is working with supply and  thought partners that are recognised as the best in the business we can advise how to reduce your energy bills for heating, lighting, air conditioning and many other areas can be reduced. These savings apply whether you are a large factory or a domestic user.