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Our Prices

Price  for new boiler installation,plumbing and certificates.
Please consider the factors affecting cost of installing new boiler as explained in Central Heating Installation menu. Our engineer  can confirm the fixed price only after survey at your home. 
When seleting the boiler please consider the following factors:
Home up to 10 average size radiators need combi boiler rated between 24kw-27Kw
Home up to 15 average size radiators need combi boiler rated between 28-34 Kw
Home more then 15 radiators need combi boiler rated between 35Kw-42Kw

The above information is a guidance only as every property is different.
Higher demand of hot water is needed the higher the kw of the boiler the better, however
combi boilers do not cope well with 2 showers running at the same time in the same property.
Where this is a requirement of a system boiler also consider for  unvented cylinder 


The prices are for indication only, as every house is different.


Selection for  boiler

Main Combi Eco 25Kw-£620.0
Apha 28x combi boiler 28Kw -£690.00

ecoTEC Pro 24 Combi Boiler 24 Kw- £935.00

Main Combi eco elite 30Kw-£750.00

System Boilers (You will need a system boiler installed if you have a cylinder / water tank.)
Baxi Megaflo 32HE System boiler-£861.00
Worcester Greenstar 24i system boiler -£870.00
Pottertion Main Eco 24HE-£660.00
Vokera Mynute 12HE system boiler-£425.00
Vaillant Ecotec plus 612-£66
The price above is with standard horizontal flue. Any extra lenght of flue cost extra,subject to survey.


Boiler Installation Type?
Combi / Combination Boilers
These prices includes labour only.The cost of copper pipes and other accesories is extra.
Power Flushing package with Boiler Installation: Mandatory for new installation to keep guarantees valid.
Power flushing up to 6 Radiators-£200.00
Power flushing up to 10 Radiators-£250.00
Power flushing up to 15 Radiators-£300.00
The price for power flushing is at reduce rates if we are doing the new installtion. If we are not doing the installtion the price for power flushing is between £350.00-£400.00
Essential accessories to enhance life of boiler
 Meagnetic filter to prevent sludge back to boiler, supplied and installed £160.00
 Scale inhibitor to reduce lime scale in water,supplied and fitted £55.00
 Non return valve for condensate pipe if condensate share the drain with washing machine £25.00
 Condensate neutralizer for domestic condensing boiler £45.00
Boiler controls and TRV for Radiators

Thermostatic radiator valve supplied and fitted per radiator-£35.00 
Intallation of gas cooking appliances,service of appliance,breakdown & plumbing work

Gas Safety certificate: